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In this modern era, transportation has become one of the most critical needs of human beings. Though it has several requirements, we also face lots of trouble, which even costs human life. In our website students can get all premium projects and also get java software projects.

The Automobile automation system major project for Automobile Services is a progressive step in the field of service centers and garages. Any car user can make use of this website to locate and communicate with the service centers or garages in their vicinity. This project uses innovative technology that connects you with a Mechanic at the tap of a button.

The automobile automation system college project is a windows application which aims to minimize the effort put in automobile management. It manages all the transactions related to Vehicle servicing, fueling, finding small parts, and finding a mechanic, etc. In this software, there is an Admin. Admin is allowed to add new users to the system.

Guests can use the project only after they are registered to the system. While Register,

A Guest User can register as

  • Employee
  • Driver
  • User

There are 8 modules in this project.

  • Login/Registration
  • Profiles
  • Vehicles
  • Fleet Management
  • Booking Charts
  • Expenses
  • Reports
  • Feedback

Registration for the new user will be available on the login page, and listing for employees can only be done by admin. And driver registration can be done by both admin & employee.

Objectives of Automobile Automation System Project

  • This application aims to reduce the manual effort needed to manage the automobile for a customer.
  • The application provides an interface to users to view details like Trans Vehicle details, Vehicle Booking, Profile Management, Repair and Maintenance schedules, Expenses Details, Daily Reports, and Feedbacks.
  • Increases the prosperity of a customer by reducing the cost of purchasing different software for different tasks.
  • To ensure a one-stop service to the client regarding automobile management.
  • The automobile automation system project has a rich user interface so that users can access the application easily. Several user-friendly coding has also adopted. This package shall prove to be dominant in satisfying all the requirements of the customer.

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Automobile Automation System

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